Dangerous Music Ships D-Box Multi-Function DAW Companion

Dangerous Music Ships D-Box Multi-Function DAW Companion Hardware Unit

Dangerous Music is shipping D-Box, a multi-purpose hardware product for DAW users. The 1U rack-mount box combines 8-channels analog summing technology and a collection of important features garnered from other Dangerous products. The D-Box has an integrated programmable monitor control section with analog and digital inputs, on board 24 bit/96KHz D-to-A converter, talkback, dual headphone amps, speaker switcher and more.

“As the digital recording environment continues to evolve we at Dangerous responded to the need for a high-quality multi-function product that is both compact and affordable to all DAW users,” says Bob Muller, Dangerous Music’s Founder and Co-owner. “In the D-Box we combine our signature analog summing section with what we feel are some other useful capabilities that we’ve developed in our other products, like the Monitor ST. Most computer musicians struggle with controlling monitors, smooth switching between analog and digital inputs and with headphone cues when tracking and mixing. We’ve solved those problems in a very integrated way, with no sonic compromise and within a very small footprint.”

Key Features

  • Analog Summing – 8-channels of classic Dangerous 2-Bus style circuitry
  • Monitor control – Programmable monitor control section with 2 sets of Speaker outputs
  • Auxiliary stereo analog inputs +4 dBU/ -10 dBV
  • 2 Digital Inputs – high-quality on-board 96kHz/24-bit D/A converter
  • Talkback – built-in mic, with external switch capability
  • Dual Headphone amps – with independent level control
  • 1 Rack Space

The Dangerous Music D-Box is available now from select dealers in the USA and worldwide. It has a US suggested retail price of $1699.

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