Galbanum Intros Architecture Waveforms Cakewalk Edition

Galbanum has introduced Architecture Waveforms Cakewalk Edition, a collection of over 2,500 meticulously designed wavetables provided in standard .Wav sample format for use in Cakewalk Rapture, Cakewalk Dimension Pro and other supported synths and samplers.

The collection offers:

  • Vast expansion of available timbre pallet for wavetable synths
  • Newly developed timbres offering fresh, unique starting points which stand out from the competition
  • Transformation of sampler instruments into synth instruments
  • Bleeding-edge sound-design using complex waveforms as modulation sources and other advanced techniques
  • Algorithmically developed content that is mathematically perfect and the highest fidelity of anything similar in the market
  • The largest and most diverse collection of its kind on the market

This product is supported and co-marketed by Cakewalk and Galbanum. In supported Cakewalk products it provides the following benefits:

  • A simple and inexpensive method of quickly and effortlessly expanding the awesome potential of supported Cakewalk products
  • Perfect integration into Rapture, Dimension Pro, and other synths and samplers allowing easy navigation and management
  • Complex waveforms that retain full detail in bass range, and are transposed and perfectly anti-aliased by Rapture’s industry leading synthesis engine, providing the cleanest and highest fidelity use of the Architecture Waveforms to date

*A limited number of exclusive waveforms available only for the Cakewalk edition

Galbanum Architecture Waveforms were originally developed for Architecture Volume One, a massive 8GB resource DVD for U&I Software’s Metasynth, and contained over 1,000 waveforms. These waveforms were then translated for NI Absynth, and licensed in part by NI for use in Massive. Galbanum continues to update and expand this collection and this edition is effectively the third version of the library. The total number of Waveforms for this version of the collection is now over 2,500. It offers some very interesting new categories and vastly expands on the some of the previous ones.

Architecture Waveforms Cakewalk Edition is priced at $29.95 and is available for direct download.

Crossgrade discounts are available to existing Galbanum customers who have previously purchased other versions of Galbanum’s Architecture Waveforms. Architecture Waveforms Cakewalk Edition is also distributed through the official Cakewalk webstore.

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