Sherman Filter Bank Played As Mono Analog Synth

This is a unusual little synth jam demonstrating how the Sherman Filter Bank can be played as a monphonic synthesizer.

via pepemogt:

The track is called SHERMANOLOGY.

An exercise with a modular synth Oscillator from Cwejman and then feed the audio out in to the sherman filterbank, you can have a great mono synth there.

A tr-909 is doing the drum listen this bases and drums,

The FilterBank is an excellent musical processing device for creating filter sweeps and effects or damaging your sound for even cooler effects! It’s a 12 or 24dB/octave 4-pole dual filter module with one signal input and two audio outputs.

The filters can be dual mono or linked, with crossfading from hi-pass to low-pass filtering with LFO and ADSR modulation. The filter is genuine analog circuitry with serious overdrive for the grungiest of sounds!

What’s new in the Filterbank 2 are five three-way toggle switches which have been added to the front panel as well as an optional foot controller jack in the back for controlling filter cutoff or bypass switching. The new toggles offer hi-frequency boost/cut for the input, the Sensitrig envelope follower, variable sine or sawtooth LFO shape, and pitch-tracking.

In this project Pepe Mogt works with a very synthetic and basic set of musical tools to create a quirky approach to electronic music exemplified by “Ritmo 55”, the first track released by Latinsizer which appeared on the Nortec Experimental CD. This approach could be described as a combination of the melodic work of early synth Pop classics such as Eno-era Roxy Music and Switched on Bach, modular synth based artists like Tangerine Dream and the grit of urban Tijuana,

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