MoReVoX Intros Elektromorph Drum Sample Library for Drumagog

MoReVoX Introduces MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH is a massive, electronically morphed drum sample library with 32 Kicks, 44 Snares, 14 Tom Sets, 94 Cymbals and several other multilayer percussion and Efx.


More than 800 24-bit samples ready to quickly regenerate your drum tracks. From Pop to Hard Rock , Hip-Hop to Extreme Electronic Music, MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH can help you breathe new life into your drum tracks.

Often Producers and Engineers work to find the perfect balance between real drums and loops. Elektromorph represents the mix of the two worlds: Electronic samples and Natural samples.

MoReVoX ELEKTROMORPH is not only a samples tank for replacement but a kaleidoscopic resource for creativity!

Developed by : Sabino Cannone

Price : $149.00

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