M-Audio Updates Torq Software


M-Audio has released the newest Torq software update, Torq 1.0.4. This is supported by Mac 10.4.9 and Windows XP SP2. This can be updated from the M-Audio Software Update Page.

Release Notes:

  • Supports Xponent controller/interface
  • Holding SHIFT and rotating an Xponent Scratch Wheel will offset the Phase Grid
  • Redesigned MIDI architecture for improved response
  • If a sample is looped, it will be looped when used with QuickScratch. If a sample is not looped, it will not be looped when used with QuickScratch
  • Hide Phase Grid button will remove the Phase Grid from the Scrolling Waveforms
  • New “Reset Speed Slider on New Track” preference for keeping the position of the Speed Slider the same when loading a new song
  • The Sampler will use the phase information of the Master Tempo when recording from the Line-Input
  • MIDI control can be assigned to the scrolling waveforms (for scratching with a device other than Xponent)
  • Torq will remember the path when saving samples
  • Fixed: Track will play without External Control if dropped onto a Deck while Runout Protection is active
  • Fixed: Two additional Snapshots on top of a Key Change Snapshot will cause incorrect Key behavior
  • Fixed: VST Effects unstable when Effect Rack is Bypassed
  • Fixed: When a Deck is synced to the other Deck, the Reverse effect stutters and skips when activated
  • Fixed: Schaffel mode not implemented for all effects
  • Fixed: Snapshot recalls incorrect Repeat Size
  • Fixed: Snapshots are affecting parameters outside their scope
  • Fixed: Sync is not disabled when loading a track onto the opposite Deck
  • Fixed: Playing back a sampled loop results in audio glitch
  • Fixed: When activating a QuickScratch, the previous loop would superimpose itself on the sample
  • New preference for resetting Speed Slider on new song

2 thoughts on “M-Audio Updates Torq Software

  1. You think they can pay someone to update their damn Audiophile cards to work in Vista yet? I mean come on, it’s way over due, no betas even! They just don’t give a crap about their older hardware, only interested in new products.

  2. I hate to say it – but I think that this is a sign of things to come.

    Vista was a big disappointment for a lot of Windows users, and Apple’s doubled its share of the laptop market in the last year. As good as Apples laptops are, I’d expect to see developers moving more of their attention to OS X. In fact, it may not be long before we see Sonar showing up on OS X.

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