Argh! Pirates of the Caribbean Get Remixed

piratesHere’s a strange bit of info via Hans Zimmer:

EMI Music is set to release an album containing 5 remixes of primarily the Jack Sparrow themes from the score for the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End by such popular artists as Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method and Ryeland Allison.

I’m not sure what to think of the idea of electronica remixes of Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack music, but it looks like Disney is into the idea – they certainly hired the big guns of the remix world.

What do you think? Is remixing Pirates of the Caribbean insane, or insanely cool?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Release date is June 15th, 2007.


  • Jack’s Suite (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
  • Jack’s Suite (Paul Oakenfold Remix-Radio Edit)
  • Jack’s Suite (The Chrystal Method Remix)
  • Jack’s Suite (The Chrystal Method Remix-Radio Edit)
  • Pirates Life Forever (Ryeland Allison Remix)

4 thoughts on “Argh! Pirates of the Caribbean Get Remixed

  1. Argh!

    Pirates of the Caribbean remixes? You’ve got to be f’in kidding.

    The Crystal Method just jumped the shark….

  2. it’s already been done, for the second movie. tiesto remixed ‘he’s a pirate’ the main theme from the movies. it was a huge circuit hit. i’m excited to hear the new ‘jack’s suite’ mixes.

  3. I missed the Tiesto mixes for the last movie – sounds bizarre but I guess somebody like Tiesto could remix anything and make it sound good.

  4. All Remixes are awesome!
    Especially Tiesto's Remix for the track He's A Pirate! Huge Bomb in your dj box.Believe me 😉
    Also check out the Mix Pete n' Red's Jolly Roger Mix on He's a Pirate!
    A bit darker but really does the job! 🙂

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