Crysonic Spectra C1 Vintage Compressor VST Plug-In Now Available

Crysonic Announces Immediate Availability of Spectra C1 Vintage Compressor VST Plug-In

Crysonic has announced the release of SPECTRA C1, a Pro Audio grade wideband Compressor suitable for voice, instruments, track compression and subtle soft-knee mastering compression and expansion.

We haven’t used this, but the interface is, how do they say, “the sexy”.

Spectra C1 utilizes Crysonics’ physics based audio processing engine, allowing the characteristics of the final audio to be easily adjusted to taste.

Compatible with all VST hosts including Wavelab versions 5 and upwards and Receptor.


Introductory offer of USD $49.95 (during the month of May Only). Regular retail pricing will be USD $59.95. All Previous Crysonic Customers can purchase SPECTRA C1 for $29.95.

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