Recording School Online Releases The Mixing Reference System Instructional Video Set

Recording School Online has released a four video set, The Mixing System: The Engineers Reference Guide, that explains a system for mixing that creates a clear direction for the recording engineer to build a professional sounding mix.


The guide was designed for musicians and gives step by step examples of techniques that will allow you to create mixes that sound extraordinary. This is one of RSO’s most detailed video guides and elaborates on some outstanding concepts and theory’s that shed light on the mixing process.
The goal of these videos is to break down the process of mixing in a way that will help you conceive of this complex task in a much more simple and clarified fashion.

Some of the items the videos focus on:

  • The structure of a mix
  • Dominate dynamics
  • The Rule of Fourths
  • Sonic focal point
  • Mix order
  • Keeping the mix clear
  • Clarity and Punch in the Mix

Buy the “The Mixing Reference System” this week and receive a special discount. To receive the discount, use the discount code “masterclass” at time of purchase.

The video is available for immediate download.

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