PowerFX Releases VDM-1 Drum Machine ReFill

PowerFX has introduced VDM-1, a collection of vintage drum machines for Reason. The VDM-1 ReFill has over 50 Reason Redrum and NN-XT presets containing over 675 samples with Combinator graphics that emulate the original machine’s look. The ReFill also includes “Multi-out” presets for Rewire master hosts like Pro Tools, Cubase and others and includes “All Kicks”, “All Snares”, “All Claps” etc, mega presets.

Bonus “Hi-Tec” blank backdrops to use with your own Combinator devices complete the offering. 12 of the most famous vintage drum machines ever made, including the Roland TR-808, Oberheim DMX, MXR-185, Roland TR-909, Sequential Drumtraks, Simmons SDSV, Roland TR-707, Emu Drumulator, Casio SK-1, Roland TR-727, Linn 9000, and Rhythm Ace are reproduced in this collection.

The VDM-1 is for the drum machine “purist” who demands a true reproduction of these machine’s great tones, and or for the producer who needs to have the “real thing” on hand for production work.

These are not “hyped” versions of the originals like other libraries, but a genuine “As close to the original as you can get” collection, all sampled with Class A preamps and hi-resolution A/D converters.

And for even more diversity, 4 Different versions of each sample are included – Natural, Distorted, Production and Old School Reverb. These alternative drum tones were crafted and mastered with the best audio tools available today as well as a rare vintage reverb unit.

The VDM-1 ReFill contains 675+ files, 131 MB with a download size of 74 MB, works with Reason version 2.x and higher and costs $49.

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