Precisionsound Releases Alpine Concert Zither Sample Library

Alpine Concert ZitherEverytime we get a press release from Precisionsound, I’m surprised by the latest instrument that they’ve sampled and made a virtual instrument out of. Instead of another Rhodes or string library, they’re sampling Nigerian Udu and Retro Gadgets.
Their latest sample set features Alpine Concert Zither, a very common instrument in Alpine Europe, but rarely heard nowadays in modern music.

They sampled both the open strings and the fret board strings and a lot of sound effects made by the zither. You get 257 24bit stereo/mono wav files divided into 3 programs and up to 3 velocity layers.

3 programs for HALion/Kontakt. (24bit)
3 programs for SoundFont (16bit)

All formats are included when you buy the SampleSet so you can choose to download both the 24bit Kontakt/HALion programs and the SoundFont (16bit) version if you like now or later on.

The SoundFont version is 100% compatible with EXS24, NN-XT and all other modern SoundFont compatible samplers on both PC and MAC

Alpine Concert Zither costs $39 (+$11 if you want it on CD)

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