New Site Offers Free Online Collaboration For Musicians

Indaba Music Mixer is an online networking community for musicians that lets you upload tracks, find new artists to work with, and collaborate on tracks with people around the world. They want to reach musicians to help them meet each other, establish terms for work (a feature of the site), and create music, regardless of location.

Indaba recently launched version one of their free online production console (above), which allows users to work on tracks, edit, mix and access them from any computer. The site also offers tools for discovering new music and musicians and social networking.

“The site is more than just a tool,” notes the Indaba team, “it’s a community of real people connecting and collaborating in new and exciting ways.”

2 thoughts on “New Site Offers Free Online Collaboration For Musicians

  1. That’s an amazing site, but what about people that have limited bandwidth speeds? Indaba only allows 250mb a month worth of collaboration, and their online tools don’t offer much in terms of editing/music production. You’re expected to wait around until someone that meets very specific requirements joins your specific session and then begin collaborating a limited amount a month on foreign web based software, then figure out how you’d like to share the rights with the different contributors, if another joins you have to figure everything out again then if they don’t work out go and wait and find replacement members. Things are much simpler at the ccmcp

  2. Yoav

    I’m not sold on the whole idea of online mixing – especially when tons of musicians get free DAW’s with Garageband on their macs.

    But the site is free and it is user friendly.

    Is CCMP your site?

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