VirSyn Releases Poseidon Version 1.2 Software Synthesizer

Virsyn Poseidon

VirSyn has released Poseidon 1.2. New “inverse” filters for formant preservation, bitmap import for the sonification of images, and more are included in this release.


  • “Inverse filter” model for separation of sound source and body enables preservation of formants
  • Bitmap import function to convert images into sound
  • New harmonic/wavetable analyzer modes ensure strict harmonic partials
  • Unison modes for suboctave and fifth
  • Added filter and blur functionality to residual noise
  • Output limiter
  • 64 new presets


  • Output muted if sound model is missing/deleted
  • Partial count “1” working now
  • Residual noise level is now normalized
  • Wave recorder display problems fixed
  • PC version: File dialogs were sometimes hidden behind main screen

A fully functional, time limited demo version for Poseidon 1.2 is available.

Registered Poseidon users will get notification about this free of charge update automatically.

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