Ohmicide gets Killer Update

Melohman Ohmicide

Ohm Force have updated Ohmicide : Melohman to version 1.02 both for PC and Mac (AU, VST, RTAS).

Changes in v1.02

  • Added the possibility to deselect the active parameter by clicking in the background.
  • Spectrum display correction and improvement.
  • Added an animation on metapatch load.
  • Redesigned selection of the Disto Alt. and Gate knobs.
  • Added a short morph when switching preset via the GUI.
  • The Melohman textbox now display something on startup.
  • Some crash possibilities in case of host misconduct removed.
  • Bug correction : the odd family distortion gain was slowly increasing or decreasing over time depending on the bias setting.
  • Wet/dry levels can now correctly be set via the key- board.
  • Some crash possibilities in case of host misconduct removed.
  • Mac: Corrected GUI problems on VST.
  • Mac: VST support improved.

Pricing and Availability:

The Pack license contains all formats (including RTAS): 99.00 EUR
Single licence for VST or AU: 79.00 EUR

One thought on “Ohmicide gets Killer Update

  1. Weird surprise: Ohmicide is available on Steam. URL http://store.steampowered.com/app/279280/ currently priced at $124.99. I have not searched for other VSTs on Steam, yet, but will in a second. I was actually searching for “bread” after watching that I Am Bread game being played on U2b. Why Ohmicide is related to bread appears to be due to the phrase “bread and butter” in the program description. Does this mean you can buy a VST but you need to be logged into Steam in order to be able to start the concert?

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