Achillea – Amadas Estrellas

Former Enigma co-producer Jens Gad is back with his second album under the name Achillea, Amadas Estrellas.

Gad doesn’t stray too far from the style of Enigma, creating chillout world music grooves that feature a wide range of sampled sounds from around the world over programmed rhythmic backing.

Gad goes for a sensual theme on Amadas Estrellas, enlisting vocalist Luisa Fernandez to provide sexy spoken words de amor, which are layered with her vocals. While the soft-core sexiness over new age beats won’t appeal to everyone, the Spanish lyrics are very poetic and Fernandez delivers them with passion.

If you you like your music to have an edge, Achillea may not be your thing. But if you want to get your sexy on with some sensual world grooves, Amadas Estrellas may just be the ticket.

You can preview Amadas Estrellas at the Sequoia Records site.


  • Prologo
  • Amor Parte I
  • Desnudame
  • Vivir
  • Alma Herida
  • Alas del Aguila
  • Amor Parte II
  • Atacame
  • Amadas Estrellas
  • A Maria Santissima

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