Groove Monkee Releases MIDI Rock Loops for Addictive Drums

Addictive Drums Midi Loops

Groove Monkee has announced the release of Groove Monkee Rock, 1,500 MIDI beats and fills covering 10 styles of rock music: alternative, ballad, blues rock, classic, contemporary, hard rock, punk, metal, funk rock and pop plus sections of half-time, basic rock and prog rock.

In addition, there are over 200 extra drum fills, 100 intros and a bonus section. The beats are formatted for Addictive Drums, GM and Session Drummer 1. Additional formats such as BFD, EZDrummer, DFH 1, DFH 2, DFH C&V, DFHS, Reason, Groove Agent and IMAP are available free of charge.

Groove Monkee has also just added Cubase and Cakewalk drum maps for Addictive Drums allowing the use of GM mapped beats with Addictive Drums.

Pricing and Availability:

The Library is now available for $39.95 via instant download or on CD. Customers who have already purchased any of the following products are eligible for a free version upgrade: Groove Monkee Rock, Rock For BFD, Rock For DFHS, Rock and Metal, Rock and Country, Rock and Jazz or Producer Pack 1 (Rock, Jazz and World Beats).

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