Midwest Universities Want You To Score

Kansas City Kansas Community College, Lewis University and the Conservatory of Music and Dance-University of Missouri at Kansas City have announced a call for scores for the Electronic Music Midwest Festival, to be held October 11-13, 2007 at Kansas City Kansas Community College.

Each concert will feature an 8.1 speaker diffusion system. Any composer regardless of region, age or nationality may submit one work for consideration in the following categories:

    1) Two channel works for tape alone
    2) Up to Eight channel works for tape alone
    3) Instrument(s) and tape or electronics
    4) Works for video
    5) Sound Installations and Interactive Media (composer must provide all non-standard equipment)
    6) Live Laptop works
    7) Live Interactive works

In addition, submissions for research and technical papers, panel discussions, and technical demonstrations are also requested. Student submissions are strongly encouraged.

Deadline: June 1, 2007, postmark deadline (scores must arrive by June 15, 2007)

Entry Fee: none

Submission Guidelines:

    1) Accepted formats for consideration are CD, DTS CD, DVD, DVD-Audio. Multi-channel works, up to 8 channels, may be submitted as individual mono files (aiff or wav) on data-CD or data-DVD. A diagram must also be included describing the speaker assignment or placement of the sound files in a multi-channel sound system.
    2) For consideration, applicants must complete an online submission form available at http://www.emmfestival.org.

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