Notam Updates Music Composition Software for Kids


NOTAM, the Norwegian production centre for work with sound, has released a new version (1.1.1) of NOTAM’s DSP02 software for Mac OSX, Windows, Linux and web-based use. The new version of DSP02 brings performance improvements and user interaction enhancements as well as support for Intel Mac.

For educators, composers, musicians, and others working with children, who are looking for a creative, student-oriented method for teaching sound creation and manipulation. DSP02 delivers a simple, user-friendly way of mixing, editing, and sound processing in one package.

DSP2 as a tool for learning

DSP02 is designed for a non-linear approach to composition, and allows students to develop compositions free from musical conventions and stylistic blueprints. The creative impulse is at the center of the tools, which through easy interactivity allows free, non-restricted exploration of what the software tools can be used for.

DSP02 is published on a website which also contains a large number of help- and tutorial texts, as well as musical examples and tasks that can be developed by using the provided samples library. This makes the website into a comprehensive educational tool for composition with electronic sound.

DSP02 is particularly well suited for young composers from 5th to 10th grade.

DSP02 includes a large number of synthesis and sound processing tools for various types of sound design, traditional and non-traditional, such as sound editor, mixer, FM synthesis, additive synthesis, time stretch, 4 types of filters, chorus/vibrato/flanger, ring modulation, harmonizer, reverb, delay, formant synthesis, guitar string synthesis, spectral sieve, spectrum shift, and different algorithms for machine composition.

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