Musicrow Releases Drum Queen VST Instrument

Musicrow Releases Drum Queen VST Instrument

The Musicrow Group has released Drum Queen VST instrument- an advanced virtual drum machine.

Drum Queen is a drum synthesizer that makes no use of samples – its sounds are purely synthesized. Based on advanced synthesis techniques, Drum Queen is able to produce a wide range of drum sounds that go far beyond the abilities of any classic drum machine.

You can preview Drum Queen’s sound below.

Main Features:

  • Enhanced control of instruments’ sound. All sounds are fully programmable
  • 75 Drum Kits included
  • 12 percussion sounds per set
  • Each drum tone has a separate sound generator
  • Subtractive, additive, FM, and physical modeling synthesis techniques are all taking part in building the drum sounds
  • Digital distortion and analog saturation are part of the synthesis process
  • Velocity changes the sound timbre to add a natural feel to the instruments
  • Separate output for each instrument

Drum Queen is now available for $49.95

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