Monome 256 Prototype In Action

monome, a collective based in Philadelphia that has created a open-ended configurable switch array for music and multimedia, has posted a video (below) of its upcoming monome 256 in action.

The group plans three configurations:

  • 256 (two fifty six) the 16×16 whose design has solidified
  • 128 (one twenty eight) is an 8×16
  • 64 (sixty four) is a small 8×8

All will feature wood enclosures with recessed aluminum top plates. All monome hardware will be inter-compatible with monome software. No release date has been set.

They have also announced plans to offer a limited number of “special edition” monome 128’s that feature:

  • internal accelerometer detects motion and tilt which can be dynamically mapped to different parameters
  • white powdercoated top plate
  • bright orange leds
  • custom grey or white base enclosure
  • hand-felted wool case

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