Free Music From Kompressor

What would Kompressor do? Crush you!Prepare to be Kompressed.

Andreas K., aka Kompressor (right), makes music that is a strange blend of industrial electronics, children song lyrics and even rap. If Kraftwerk, Chris and Cosey, and the Childrens Television Workshop got together to make music, it might sound something like Kompressor. Or it might not.

According to the Kompressor site, he was born in Bremen, Germany and “come to united states of america for computerprogram job. now dedicated to crushing america with industrial might”. His instruments are “synth, crush, fear and death”.

Many of Kompressor’s tracks are a sort of alien children’s song. These include K is for Kompressor, Adding up Numbers, Brush your teeth, Vitamins are good, and Do not talk to strangers. Other songs are about Kompressor crushing things, including We must destroy X10 & Destroy Mass Media. Finally, Kompressor does many songs that boast about his mayhem, sort of a gangsta rap for aliens.

Kompressor has made his music available for free download (unfortunately, as massively compressed MP3s). You can preview a few songs below and download many more at his site.

You can also read the Synthtopia interview with Kompressor to find out more about Kompressor and the synthesizer of death.

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