MoReVoX Releases Drumbuster Free Drum Library

drumbusterMoReVox has released Drumbuster, their latest free drum library for Elektromorph users.


Recorded with a Neve VR on 2″ Studer A80 then digitally iperedited. Drumbuster (15 Kicks, 10 Snares for over than 100 samples) represents the sum of Analog Warmth and Digital Dynamic.

MoReVoX Drumbuster is provided in 2 formats : Drumagog and raw Wav Files. Drumbuster is free and available only for all the MoReVoX Elektromorph Users. Buying on line MoReVoX Elektromorph automatically the customer recive the link to download Drumbuster.

Developed by: Sabino Cannone
Price: Free

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