Kompoz.com Emerges from Beta, Adds Social Networking Features

Kompoz.com Emerges from Beta, Adds Social Networking FeaturesKompoz.com has released a new version of its music collaboration platform, officially marking its emergence from beta.

Kompoz is an online community for musicians creating new independent music based on the open licensing models of the Creative Commons, which promotes sharing, re-use, and derivative works, while still retaining attribution and other rights for the original artists. Kompoz provides the platform, Web-based tools, and social network for musicians to collaborate with other musicians anywhere in the world.

“Kompoz now includes top social networking features to make it easier for our members to connect and collaborate”, says Raf Fiol, founder of Kompoz. “We’ve built a strong community that will help shape the new vision for open collaborative music creation, mixing, and publication.”

Kompoz’s social networking features include:

  • Personal Member and Community Blogs
  • Meebo Chat (meebo)
  • Member-driven rating system
  • Public track commenting
  • Private Messaging
  • Project and public discussion forums
  • “I’m Kompozing With” Friends feature
  • YouTube video integration (API)
  • Public and private playlists
  • Embeddable Flash players
  • CustomURLs for member profiles
  • Google member maps

Core Features Include:

  • Individual project workspaces for each collaboration.
  • Upload tracks directly to each project (hosted by Kompoz) without FTP or special software.
  • Download a single file, an entire track, or an entire project with one-click for import into a multi-track recorder such as Pro-Tools, Sonar, GarageBand or any other offline digital audio processing software.
  • All uploaded files are automatically encoded for fast online streaming playback.
  • Support for MP3, WAV, and WMA formats. Others comming soon.
  • Search for music projects by genre, artist, tags/keywords, license type, and more.
  • Create and share online profiles with the global music community.
  • Create friends lists, favorite project lists, and more.

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