Devine Intros Krishna Synth; Doesn’t Want You PO’d With The Synth’s Name

Devine Krishna Synth

Devine Machine has released Krishna, a new virtual synthetizer. It includes a frame-oscillator, 2 analog-oscillators, filters, LFOs, envelop, a sequencer, various effetcs and play-modes, MIDI functions, a preset-manager, and l1146 audio presets, including acoustic bass, World sounds, guitars, leads, pads, sequences, strings and voices.

The price is : 259 euros (box and online version ), 199 euros for online purchase, 35 euros ( 6 months credit), 19 euros (for 12 month credit).

This software will be soon available in AU and RTAS formats.

The synth’s author offers this note on Krishna Synth’s name:

I deeply respect any religion, or belief system. Originally called ‘Krishna’, I added ‘Synth’ to the name to distinguish the synthetizer from Krishna. Even if Krishna is mostly represented with a flute, I hope believers will forgive me to offer him a synthetizer.

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