Download A Free Bass Sample Collection

Download A Free Bass Sample CollectionA light version of Realsamples’ Slap Bass Collection is now available for free download. The site is auf Deutsch, so look for the Hier klicken link.

Realsamples’ Slap Bass Collection contains 2.5 GB of samples of a Warwick Streamer electric bass, recorded directly through a Mindprint DTC high quality channel-strip.

In contrast to conventional sample CDs, this set contains many more samples per note. The samples are recorded in the .wav format in 24 bit/96 khz resolution.

Chromatically sampled, every note is available in 32 velocities, so you have 32 different samples of each note’s dynamic range. Additionally, every string has been sampled up to higher regions (G-string up to the 15th fret) to provide great realism and flexibility. Additionally, ghost notes of each string are available for realistic bass playing (also in 32 velocities).

The light version contains 4 velocities of each note and is available in the GigaStudio format (44.1 khz/16 bits) for free download here.

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