Keytosound Announces NetNotes Synth Sound Scavanger Hunt

NexSynJason at KeyToSound sent us word of a contest that they are running that is probably the first ever synth sound scavanger hunt.

KeyToSound’s NexSyn has a cool feature, NetNotes, that lets you share, browse, preview and download synth sound presets via the Internet.

Here’s a screen capture of the NexSyn preset browser that shows how this works:

KeyToSound NexSyn NetNotes

Note the HD and I-Net buttons. Click the HD button, and you can browse your local presets. Click the I-Net button, and you can browse presets shared over the Internet.

NetNotes preset auditioning happens in real-time, so you can audition the presets freom the Internet, play them and listen to them in your mixes, before you acquire them.

It’s a cool feature, but one that’s so new that it’s a little hard to wrap your head around. To help, they’ve announced a contest to encourage people to download NexSyn and check out how browsing sounds off of the Internet works.
The NetNotes Scavenger Hunt Contest

The guys at KeyToSound have hidden a secret message message in three NetNotes synth presets. You can find the messages in the presets’ Notes section. Find the secret messages, and you could win a free copy of NexSyn.

Here’s how it works:

Find the three messages and email what they say to: jason at
Include a feature or suggestion to improve NetNotes. If you’re one of the first 10 to submit, they’ll send you a copy of Nexsyn. The contest end July 1st, 2007.

To test out NetNotes and look for the secret messages, you can download a demo of NexSyn and check out sounds while you search for the secret messages.

You can get details on the scavenger hunt at the site.

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