Crysonic Announces Universal Binary Support

Crysonic has announced that its line of pro audio products should have full support for just about every computer music platform, except for maybe Commodore and Atari, within the next two weeks.

All current Crysonic technologies and products, including future releases, will soon be available in multiple plug-in formats, including Universal Binary (Intel/PPC) Mac OS X AU, VST, Native Windows XP/ Vista PC VST and stand-alone versions on applicable Products. Updates of the current Crysonic product line are expected to become available later this month.

“Along with the move to support more plug-in formats we have some very exciting new technologies and products in the pipeline including updates to our current products with many new features such as Nintendo Wii controller support for direct real-time control of any button or dial for live use and automation recording”, comments Jay C. Topcu, CTO at Crysonic, ” This transition is much more then offering Universal Binaries, we are growing rapidly as a company and forward in sonic quality”.

All current customers of Crysonic will receive free or a very reasonably priced path to these new available options depending on the license they own.

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