Chicks that Mix: DJ Loli

DJ Loli mixing

The latest DJ in our series of Chicks that Mix is producer, model and actress DJ Loli.

Loli has multiple intersecting careers, including acting in television and films, music and film production, modeling and DJing.

You can get a taste of Loli’s electro style with her free DJ mix, below, from Voodoo Radio.


Loli was born in the Ukraine, in the city Kiev. After she graduated from high school, she moved to England to study psychology and film history at Oxford Brookes University in the city of Oxford. There she pursued a year of university, after which she transferred herself into the London Institute of film Art in London.

Her career as a DJ started in a night club in Oxford called The Bridge, where she came up to the DJ, amazed with how bad the music was, and asked him what was the deal with that. He told her to get her CD’s and demonstrate “whats good”.The next week, she came back with a set of her music and soon she was on the decks.

In 4 years spent in London, she pursued her modeling, DJing, and hosting careers, appeared on several TV shows and gaining some notoreity. While her career seemed to be going well, she missed the sun and warm weather.

She moved to LA, was soon offered a residency at the Avalon night club in LA and has been touring the United States since. Recently, she’s performed in England, Israel, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Portugal and Japan. She’s working on her first CD.

DJ Loli

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  1. To make model if you like to put before the chambers… instead of to mix… the chambers they are for the models the mixtures for djs really. You stink out.

    Hacete modelo si te gusta posar ante las camaras… en vez de mezclar…las camaras son para las modelos las mezclas para los djs de verdad.

  2. Valeria

    I’m sorry you think we stink out!

    I agree that the chambers are for the models and the mixtures for the DJs, really.

    But why can’t a beautiful DJ be for chambers & the mixtures?

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