SampleMagic Intros Sunset Sessions Loop Library

Sunset SessionsFeaturing over 2,500 samples, the 3GB SampleMagic Sunset Sessions collection features:

  • Drums > 200+ crusty old-school beats, lazy chillout grooves, fills and masses of percussion loops at 80, 90 and 100bpm
  • Keys > Dusty Rhodes Mk II and silky-smooth grand piano licks – captured through the finest mics and preamps
  • Music loops > Lushly orchestrated musical building blocks, 100% copyright-free to slot into your productions
  • Pads and textures > Beautifully detailed evolving soundscapes from analogue pinoeer Ian Boddy and dance veterans Eat Static
  • Live instruments > Sultry trombone, woody double bass, flutes, xylophone, jazzy bass and guitar – all engineered to fit your mix and key/tempo labelled for your convenience
  • Other loops > Spacey FX, sparkling vocoders, analogue bleeps, synth washes, glitches, a bumper choice of drum hits, 200+ chords, producer’s tips and more

Formats: 3.32GB CD/DVD multipack (2,954 files), includes Audio, 24-Bit Wavs (1.78GB, 1,516 files), Rex files (579MB, 621 files), Apple Loops (946MB, 625 files) plus EXS24, Reason, Kontakt and Halion patches (20+ of each).

You can preview Sunset Sessions below.

£59.95 / 90 Euro

One thought on “SampleMagic Intros Sunset Sessions Loop Library

  1. I just got this today. If you’re listening to the audio samples, let me assure you: what you’re hearing fully represents the quality found on all the samples on the discs. I bought the Sunset Sessions hoping that the rest of the samples would be as good as the audio demos on the web (sometimes that’s not the case with sample cds/dvds…which you may already know). Anyway, the samples are amazing!
    Also, this is my first purhcase from Sample Magic. What is surprising is the packaging. -I know that the samples are the most important part, but it’s nice to have some excellent artwork all throughout the cover and the notes. As a student, sample cds take a large chunk of my available money….and so it’s nice to have these things add to the value of the product.
    I don’t work for the company, and get nothing in return for writing about this, but I was compelled to write here due to the high quality of the samples and the nice extras they provide such as the artwork.

    All in all, it’s clear that Sample Magic takes great pride in the works they create. I’m very happy with my purchase.

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