VirSyn Updates TERA to Version 3.2.1

Virsyn Tera

VirSyn has announced the release of TERA 3.2.1.

A new “free running” mode for the multi segment envelopes of TERA opens a new door to polyrhythmical sounds and “endless” ambient textures. Besides this the distortion unit goes stereo and many bugfixes are also included.You can preview TERA below.

Whats new:


  • New Multi envelope mode “free running” independent from note on/off
  • Distortion effect now stereo mode
  • Project load/save handling improved, program numbers no longer translated to 1..16


  • Improved VST 2.3 backwards compatibility ( Nuendo 3.2 )
  • Sonar 5: crash on MIDI program change
  • Tracktion 3: User interface problems fixed
  • Intel based Macs: Subdivision parameter not working
  • Intel based Macs: Overdrive effect typ selection not working
  • Intel based Macs: Reverb effect broken
  • Intel based Macs: Master volume had no effect
  • Host projects transferred from Intel to PPC or vice versa lost global and mix settings
  • Arpeggiator sometimes eats notes
  • GUI sometimes showing wrong synth page
  • Crashes on playing samples with extremely short loop settings
  • ProTools: Detuning problem with samplerates other than 44,100 Hz
  • Multisegment envelopes: delete/insert could lead to changing other envelopes
  • Mac: response to MIDI program change messages improved
  • Mac: no sound after project loading if multiple instances were used
  • Mac: Tooltip help didn’t pop up
  • Mac standalone: Transport buttons not working correctly
  • Sonar: Arpeggio didn’t stopped after sequencer stop
  • PC standalone: Occasional crashes on audio driver selection DirectX <-> ASIO
  • PC standalone: Sequencer start/stop with space key didn’t work
  • GUI redraw no longer stopping when tooltip help is displayedRegistered users will get the notification with the download link automatically.

Demo versions for Win/Mac are available.

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