New E-mu Emulator X2 Video Tutorial

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EmulatorXone has announced the availability of a new 30-minute video tutorial that shows how to use new features in Emulator X2 and Proteus X2 to create arpeggiator and sequencer effects.

The video tutorial shows, step-by-step, how to use Emulator X2’s function generators and modulation routings to create complex, evolving sounds. With the addition of this new tutorial, EmulatorXone’s Programming Emulator X video tutorial series now contains more than two and a half hours of practical examples that touch on nearly every aspect of programming E-mu’s software samplers.


The Programming Emulator X video tutorials teach:

  • How to create evolving apreggiator and sequencer effects using function generators and modulation routings in Emulator X2 and Proteus X2.
  • Programming the built-in effects of Emulator X2 and Proteus X2.
  • Programming realistic, dynamic drumkits.
  • Quick and easy sampling, looping and preset creation: How to make the most of Emulator X’s automatic preset creation features including auto-looping.
  • Programming amplitude envelopes and filter sweeps.
  • Using patch cords to setup complex modulation routings from LFOs, key position, realtime MIDI controllers and more. Advanced techniques are also presented, such as using the “lag” processor for special effects.
  • Tips and techniques for creating presets that behave in dynamic and interesting ways, just like acoustic “real world” instruments.
  • Programming effects in PatchMix DSP.
  • Working with the sample editor and using auto-correlate to make perfect sample loops.

The Programming Emulator X videos are delivered in downloadable and streaming Windows Media Video format and play in Windows Media Player without any additional software or hardware.

Pricing and Availability:

The updated Programming Emulator X video tutorial set is now available for immediate purchase and download at the website below. Special introductory pricing of $9.95 lasts until July 30th, 2007. Purchasers also receive new video tutorials free-of-charge as they are released.

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