Moog Debuts New EP-2 Expression Pedal

Moog Expression PedalMoog Music has introduced the EP-2 expression pedal, a new heavy-duty version of its original pedal.

At more than twice the weight of the original pedal, the heavier construction (2.55 pounds) gives players a solid feel as the pedal stays firmly under-foot. A new external output level control allows players to choose the range of the pedal’s effect, sweeping across the full or a limited spectrum. The innovative new design further enhances feel with smooth and precise movement.

According to Moog, the EP-2 translates the player’s expressive intent more purely with advanced components and rugged construction. Heavier construction is almost always a good thing with gear.

The Moog “stamp of authenticity” comes molded into each handmade pedal. The EP-2 sells for $44.

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