VRSonic Releases VibeStudio 3D Spatial Audio Design Suite


VRSonic has released VibeStudio 1.0b1, a professional 3D spatial audio design suite that provides the ability to both create dynamic audio content and compose spatial audio scenes.


VibeStudio 1.0b1 gives you the power to design professional quality spatial audio for immersive environments. VibeStudio is the first suite specifically built for both content design and rendering of dynamic and immersive spatial audio environments.

Using this suite of tools, you can compose dynamic and interactive immersive audio environments. Now audio designers can: position audio emitters anywhere in the environment, apply a variety of motion algorithms to those emitters, dynamically control the behavior of those emitters using a variety of sound animation technologies, add geometric structures to the scene with acoustic properties, apply material properties such as concrete, brick, glass, or lead to any structure in your scene.

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