Dash Signature Releases Twin Dash Player Sample Player, Releases Free Version

Dash Signature has released Twin Dash Player (TDP and TDP FREE), a sample player for the DASHsnd multi-sample format. TDP is included at no extra charge with any Dash Sound Library purchase. TDP FREE is a “reduced” version and is free for anyone to download.

Existing Dash Sound Library customers can log-in to their download area to access TDP.

TDP features a special new effect – Mellotronier – which adds grit and tape-like distortions and modulations to the sound, and can be assigned to each layer individually.


  • Two layer (two osc) sample based synth (One layer in TDP FREE)
  • Sample start offset adjustable per layer
  • Mellotronier polyphonic effect per layer
  • Key split (not available TDP FREE)
  • Compatible with all DASHsnd files (WusikSND files can easily be converted with our conversion tool)

Dash Sound Libraries

The Dash Sound Libraries are also being updated and expanded:

HQS 5 – FX Machine is released. Based on the sample library from the now discontinued SWOOSH Machine VSTi, HQS 5 – FX Machine features 317 sounds (685mb in DASHsnd format) ranging from synthetic arps, soundscapes and drones through to natural environmental ambiences such as jungle field recordings, crowd noise and animal sounds. FX Machine ships with 32 presets for the included TDP sample player. Presets for EVE 2 and Wusikstation v2/3/4 are currently in production.

HQS 2 – The Minimoog has been updated for improved Wusikstation support. Tim Conrardy’s wusikstation preset bank is now in v2/3/4 format, and no longer requires the DASHsnd files to be converted into WusikSND format for use in Wusikstation.

The entire Dash Sound Library range is being updated with new presets for Wusikstation. First to be released will be a 140+ Wusikstation preset bank for HQS 1 – Ultimate FM, an extensive sample collection of the acclaimed Yamaha FS1r 8 operator FM synthesizer. Expected release date is 1st August, 2007. New Wusikstation presets will be free for current Dash Sound Library owners.

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