Modartt Releases Pianoteq Version 2.1

PianoteqModartt has released Pianoteq version 2.1, the latest version of its modelled virtual piano.

Changes include:


  • New preset, C2 concert, with an improvement of the piano model at fortissimo
  • Improvement of the sympathetic resonance
  • Improvement of the harp resonance with partial pedalling


  • RTAS version (Mac and PC)
  • Muse Research Receptor compatibility
  • Multi core rendering (vastly improved performance with dual core CPUs)
  • Pitch bend implemented
  • Drag and drop for MIDI (stand-alone version) and FXP files

According to the company, Pianoteq is the first piano that belongs to the fourth generation of pianos, offering an extraordinary playability and expressiveness. There are no static piano samples, no loops, no audio filtering and no quantization noise. Pianoteq creates the piano sound in real time, adapting itself to what the pianist does on the keyboard.

Everything that characterizes an acoustic piano is there: the mechanical noises (optional), the complexity of pedals and strings in interaction, the percussive impact on staccato play, and of course the most important, the beauty of the piano sound. So, while playing you can actually feel the vividness of the piano as if you could just lean a bit forward to touch the strings.

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