Kid Nepro Releases Vintage Synths and Drum & Bass Refills For Propellerheads Reason

Kid Nepro has introduced two new Propellerhead Reason Refills.


Vintage Synthesizers Refill includes a great selection of analog and digital synth sounds from over 25 classic synthesizers. Heavy on leads, basses, pads and vintage & modern synth sounds for Reason’s NN-XT sample player. Also included are 100 rex rhythm synth loops from Kid Nepro’s Triton Classic Synths and MOSS Special collections. A great sonic resource for analog, digital, and retro rock sounds from some of the most popular synths ever made all in one affordable refill package.

(353 MB / 122 instruments / 70 rex loops) $50.

Drum & Bass Refill includes a massive collection of high-quality studio drums for reason redrum. Twenty drum kits are included with as many as 85 wav files in a kit. A total of over 800 single shot drum sounds. Also included are 50 new electric and acoustic bass programs for NN-XT sampler player containing a cool mix of funk, rock, hip hop, moog and sub basses. And for those of you looking for new drum loops, there are 260 rex files with a wide assortment from their Triton and Karma beat collections.

(212 MB / 1110 sounds) $50.

The Patch King is also offering all their Reason sounds as individual downloadable files for only $5. per file. Get yourself everything from a custom Hip Hop Drum Kit to a set of Vintage Analog Basses for only $5. Mix and match sounds from all of The Patch King Reason Refills and create your own custom refill.

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