Audeon Releases Mac Version of UFO Synthesizer

Audeon Releases Mac Version of UFO Software Synthesizer

Audeon has announced the availability of a Mac OS X version of their flagship software synthesizer UFO (Unique Filters and Oscillators).

UFO is built using Audeon’s TransModal Synthesis technology, which makes sound programming particularly flexible and intuitive:

  • The sound is defined by various perceptual attributes such as Periodicity, Brightness, Noisiness, Chaos, etc. These sound characteristics are mapped to two-dimensional (XY) control surfaces. Programming a sound comes down to placing dots on these controllers for getting the desired balance between these characteristics.
  • The timbre of the sound can be modulated graphically: you simply draw arrows on the control surfaces indicating the way the sound is altered by the various modulations. UFO’s synthesis engine allows hundreds of simultaneous modulations, offering a great deal of expressivity while remaining very easy to program thanks to the graphical representation of the sound.

UFO can be purchased online from Audeon’s website. It is available as a VST plugin and is priced $139/€119. PC and Mac demo versions are available for download, including a beta test release of the upcoming Mac update to Universal Binary. A light version of UFO is also available as a shareware (Windows only).

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