New Mac Media Player Lets You Slap It Up, Flip It, Rub It Down!

MachineCodex has released a new public beta of MachineHead, an alternative media player for OS X that lets you slow it down, pitch it up, loop it, warp it, manipulate it, slap it up, flip it, rub it down – oh no!


  • Pitch Shifting: -1200 to +1200Hz
  • Time Shifting: 1/4x to 4x speed
  • Opens most audio files
  • Opens most video files
  • Unique Core Audio + QuickTime hybrid playback engine
  • Real-time Audio Units Effects chain
  • 10 band Graphic Equalizer
  • Looping controls to isolate one or more sections of a track
  • iTunes integration with built-in iTunes media browser, or drag & drop direct from iTunes
  • Powerful Audio file conversion, exports to AIFF/ AIFC, WAV, MP4, M4A, AAC, SD2, CAF
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Create and edit your own Visualizations in Quartz Composer
  • Made exclusively for Mac OS X 10.4 | Universal Binary for PowerPC or Intel
  • Available now as a time-limited beta trial version

It’s designed to let you get your freak on with audio and video, it’s Mac and its free while it’s in beta. What’s not to like?


MachineHead is an alternative media player for Mac OS X that tightly integrates your media, iTunes Library, Quartz Compositions and Core Audio effects. MachineHead is made for musicians, DJ/VJs, audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

MachineHead enables you to easily create loops and apply real-time Audio Units effects to tracks from iTunes and elsewhere. It is built around a unique hybrid Core Audio/QuickTime playback engine which preferentially plays files with Core Audio.

MachineHead features an advanced Quartz Visualizer module for viewing and tweaking industry standard Quartz Composer .qtz visualisations. Now you have the perfect player for audio-active compositions.

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