Roland Intros HD-1 V-Drum Kit

Roland Announces HD-1 V-Drum Kit

Summer NAMM Update: Roland introduced the new HD-1 V-Drum kit, a entry-level V-Drums set.


The HD-1 is equipped with an external input for connecting CD-players, iPods, and the like. Jam along with your favorite songs, and control the blend of music and your live drumming through headphones or an amplifier.

Additionally, the HD-1 is equipped with a MIDI out, for sound expansion and sequencing capabilities.

The new HD-1 is also incredibly quiet, thanks to the newly designed beater-less kick pedal, cushioned tom pads, and snare head.  Most of the HD-1’s components are mounted on one stand for easy setup and transport.

The HD-1 also ships with a DVD setup guide and basic drum instruction from drummer Johnny Rabb.

The HD-a PAK includes the HD-1 set, PM-01 monitor, and DAP-1 accessory pack featuring sticks, throne, earbuds, and mini-to-mini cable to connect your MP-3 player to the HD-1’s mix- input.

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