Chicks That Mix: Viktoria Rebeka

Viktoria Rebeka

The latest in our series of Chicks That Mix is DJ Viktoria Rebeka. Originally from Croatia, Viktoria Rebeka is known for mixing house tracks, ranging from progressive house to electro-house.

From her official bio:

When about 16 years old, she discovered electronic music and was mainly listening to a local electronic music radio. Just then, her biggest wish was to participate in the rave revolution, so begun to follow the scene and at the end of 1999 she went to live in Zagreb, stumbling upon love for House and Techno raves. At the end of 2000 she started to collect vinyls and often organized private after parties.

After Zagreb, Viktoria went to live and work in Vienna where her love for collecting and mixing electronic music grew. At the beginning of 2003, this young lady was already on track to develop her great musical talent, playing double sets on several events and festivals with dj Sunny Sava the resident of the famous Camera Club. Her presence and style was felt at one of the biggest indoor festivals The Braintribe, a 3-day event hosting 31 international Dj guests of trance-techno-house& groove music.

More recently, Viktoria Rebeka visited 18 countries, performing sessions in Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Macedonia, Greece, Tunisa, Mauritius, France & Colombia.

You can get a taste of Viktoria Rebeka’s work with the DJ mix below or find out more about her at MySpace, FaceBook or SoundCloud.

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