Time + Space Releases Galaxy II Virtual Piano Collection

Timespace has introduced Galaxy II Virtual Piano Collection, the successor to the Sound on Sound Galaxy Steinway 5.1.

The virtual instrument includes 3 world-class grand pianos: Galaxy Steinway 5.1 (real surround and stereo version) Vienna Grand Imperial (96 keys and incredible low end) German Baby Grand (beautiful ‘singing’ tone, built in 1929) – more than 6000 samples of a Steinway D, a Bösendorfer Imperial and a 1929 Blüthner Baby Grand.


  • Up to 12 “modeled velocity zones” for a wide and smooth dynamic range
  • Chromatically sampled
  • Real sustain resonance and release, recorded with multiple velocity and timing
  • Real Una Corda Samples (Soft Pedal)
  • Adjustable Hammer, Pedal and Damper noises
  • Specially designed user interface
  • Direct control of all important functions in the main menu
  • Detailed editing in 10 special menus
  • Integrated help window
  • Simple and very effective ”one-knob” control of tone colour (without EQ), warmth and dynamics
  • Warp-section with 4 FX-machines for drastic sound design
  • Pad machine for generating spheric and atmospheric synth pads
  • Convolution-reverb with lots of rooms, halls and ambiences
  • Stereo width and position adjustable
  • Recorded in Galaxy Studios and Hansahaus Studios (2 Jazz-Grammy-Awards) with high end and Vintage microphones (Brauner, Neumann and Bruel&Kjaer) and state-of-the-art equipment (Neve Capricorn, SSL 9000, Preamps by Neve, Focusrite Red Series, Summit etc.)

Mac OSX, Universal Binary, Windows XP & Vista VST, AU, RTAS, DXi, – Kontakt 2 Player, Standalone


£169 inc VAT RRP. An upgrade is available for users of the original Galaxy Steinway 5.1.

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