Sonoma Wire Works Announces Jason McGerr Drum Content Available as RiffWorks Instant Drummer Sessions

Sonoma Wire Works have released two drum loop sessions by Jason McGerr created exclusively in the RiffWorks InstantDrummer format. This gives RiffWorks recording software users access to great sounding drum loops from Jason McGerr, the acclaimed drummer for indie rock band Death Cab for Cutie.

McGerr’s sessions, called Genevieve I and Genevieve II, were recorded in his studio by Hayden Bursk of Drummerheads. In the first session, Genevieve I, playing his signature Ludwig kit, McGerr offers up beats inspired by the fantastic Death Cab for Cutie song “The Sound of Settling”. Part II of the Genevieve series offers more kick and hat breakdowns along with some really intricate ride work. More sessions by McGerr are in the works.

Hayden Bursk from Drummerheads says, “InstantDrummer sessions are sold as separate products but are really an intricate part of the RiffWorks experience. We believe having the ability to play along with Jason McGerr takes that experience to a new level. McGerr’s work has always been to support the song, and we’ve captured that approach in these InstantDrummer products.”

Jason McGerr remarked, “I had never compiled or recorded loops before this project, though I work with them all the time. Whether I’m writing demos, setting up guide tracks or adding live drums to programmed beats, the feel of a loop is crucial to help the music breathe and groove. Thinking about set ups, verses, choruses, and endings – basically all the building blocks of a song flowing from one part to the next – is truly a valuable process.”

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