Gear Addict Offers Synth T-Shirts

Synth T-Shirt

Jordan Hochenbaum sends word about his Cafe Press site, Gear Addict, that sells synth and audio related shirts and accessories.

“We started because we had a hard time finding cool swag, and after talking with some people on forums, figured, why not just make our own stuff,” says Hochenbaum.

Designs include old modular synths and theremins. We give the site thumbs up on the t-shirt designs, thumbs down for the lack of hotties in synth t-shirts.

4 thoughts on “Gear Addict Offers Synth T-Shirts

  1. Dear Synthtopia-
    I just wanted to extend my sincerest thank you’s for your support. We literally just started and people seem to really like the designs so far, which has been great.

    Our designs come from talking to our CUSTOMERS so let us know what you want. Ever see something and said to yourself, “man, I wish I had that on a t-shirt?” Well, let’s make it happy. Please send any requests and ideas to [email protected]

    We will constantly be adding new designs so check the website regularly for updates. Right now I plan on extending all of our products for the ladies, so perhaps we will add a “ladies of gear addict” section so you can turn both thumbs way up!

    Watch out for upcoming deals and new designs. Gear Addict is here to make what YOU want and what we feel has been missing in fashion for a long time…kick ass gear with style.

    Jordan Hochenbaum
    Gear Addict Clothing.

  2. Just letting you all know at the request of some people, we have NEW designs up… I will be working on finalizing a few new designs over the weekend, so expect more! Thanks to everyone who has given us ideas and especially to those who have bought shirts!

    Jordan H
    Gear Addict Clothing.

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