Headphone Fetish Site Features Extreme Headphone Action

Headphone fetish bizarre redhead

Headph0ne Phet1sh is one of the stranger sites that we’ve come across recently. It’s a site devoted to “all manner of ladies wearing all kinds of headphones.”

They aren’t kidding, either. The site has collected hundreds, if not thousands of photos of woman in headphones.

Here’s a slice of what the slice is all about…..

It’s got basic ‘women in headphones’ photos:

über babe in headphones

It’s got photos of women with synths & headphones:

Naughty Korg babe with headphones

And it’s got slightly disturbing women in headphones photos:

Disturbing babe with headphones


Here’s what the site has to say for itself:

You might wonder why such a strange fetish has a huge website devoted to it. The answer is simple – it has lots of really devoted fans, who scour the internet day and night to find awesome pictures for the site.

You won’t find any explicitly sexual images on the site, as this fetish tends be more orientated towards an aesthetic appreciation of ladies in headphones.

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