Jayzen Sound Design Intros Acoustic Bass Virtual Instrument

Jayzen Sound Design has introduced Jayzen Acoustic Bass, a sample library, in Soundfont format, that captures that “old time sound” from a large, 1950’s era stand-up acoustic bass. According to Jayzen, it can be used to recreate those Bass sounds heard on Country and Rock albums of the late 1950’s, or for modern Acid Jazz inspired tunes.

The main patch of this Virtual Instrument contains over 3 octaves of sampled Acoustic Bass notes. The notes are accurately recorded, with lows that extend deep into the sub frequencies. All notes play out in full when held, (no sustain-looping was used).

There are also 3 bonus patches of slides and special effects. Two patches of slides (one where the notes slide upward shortly after being played, another where the notes slide downward) and a patch of special effects sounds – string scrapes, string slaps, and various bridge hits.

The collection is priced at just under $10.

Hardware Requirements:

Soundfonts can load and play directly on Creative SB Live!, Audigy, EMU APS, or any soundfont-compatible hardware sampler.

General Requirements:

Digital Audio Software such as Sonar, Pro Tools, Cubase, etc. running a soundfont-compatible software sampler (sfz, Vsampler, GigaStudio, etc.) or software which is directly compatible with soundfonts such as GarageBand, FL Studio, etc. Check your manual for full compatibility.

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