Roland Shipping EDIROL M-16DX Digital Mixer

edirol digital mixer

Roland has announced that it’s shipping the new EDIROL M-16DX Digital Mixer.
The M-16DX is a new-generation mixer comprising two modules: the Mix Controller for your desktop, and the I/O Module, which can be mounted in a rack. Together, these two components provide a wide assortment of connection and processing features, while leaving your desktop uncluttered. The M-16DX contains a powerful 24-bit/96kHz digital signal processing engine that provides a transparent, noiseless mixing foundation.

A full-featured DSP effects processor is built into the M-16DX, with insert effects (Power Compressor, Vocal/Narration Enhancers, and Voice Change), spatial effects (Echo, Space Echo, and multi-format Reverb), and mastering tools (Noise Suppressor, Enhancer, and Multiband Compressor-Limiter). In addition, each channel strip is equipped with Low-Cut Filter, 3-Band Sweepable EQ, Pan, Aux 1&2, Select, Solo/Mute, and Level controls. Onboard Scene memories, that only a digital mixer can offer, allow for instant recall of channel and effect parameters, USB switch, and the dual 16-band graphic EQ settings.

Together with powerful effects onboard, an intelligent Room Acoustic Control function, and loads of digital and analog connectivity, the M-16DX signals a new era in digital mixing. With the release of an optional 23 ft/7 meter cable (model name: DXC-7), Roland adds portable convenience to the sweet mix of this new mixer’s features.

“The optional DXC-7 allows users to move the console away from the processor to give them the flexibility to control the mix from a convenient location, away from the many cables that may be plugged into the I/O processor. Anyone wishing to streamline their studio, or chase the sweet spot with mixer in hand, can benefit from this simple option. Live bands, keyboard players, drummers, project studio engineers, audio/video production facilities, and more will appreciate the convenience and the many features that this full digital mixer offers,” said EDIROL product manager Michael Barrett.

In a portable mixing first, the M-16DX features a high-contrast, backlit LCD that lets you to see the effects in operation, as well a spectrum analysis of your mix! Also onboard is the intelligent Room Acoustic Control function, which automatically analyzes and compensates for the frequency response of your studio. It’s fast, easy, and effective.

Digital and analog connectivity—it’s all here, and more. Channels 1–4 contain quality mic preamps with phantom power; channels 1 and 2 also offer Hi-Z switches for directly connecting guitar and bass. Channels 11 and 12 provide direct digital input via S/PDIF optical or coaxial connections. And most impressively, the USB 2.0 port allows the mixer to work as a powerful 18-in/2-out 24-bit/96kHz audio interface for computer recording. Eighteen discrete audio channels (16 inputs + Main Mix) that can be recorded on individual tracks within the complimentary Cakewalk SONARL LE recording software or to most any DAW software of your choice. Macintosh and Windows operating systems fully supported.

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