Sinevibes Announces V-Synth GT Compatibility

Sinevibes Announces V-Synth GT CompatibilitySinevibes has announced that their complete line of products for Roland V-Synth series is now fully compatible with the new V-Synth GT. This allows all GT owners to supercharge their synthesizers with new sound materials and greatly improve their knowledge of the internal sound building technologies.

V-Synth GT compatible products are:

  • V-Motions: 96 highly-inspiring patches including motion sounds, synths, basses, pads and various experimental elastic audio sounds.
  • V-Lectric: Expressive kits and patterns with over 300 drum and percussion sounds and about 100 VariPhrase waveforms.
  • V-Synth Tweakbook: Sound design book for Roland V-Synth series synthesizers, describes both the underlying concepts and possible usage of available synthesis blocks and technologies, and is provided with sound structure diagrams, parameter map, example patches and audio demos.

V-Motions ($29), V-Lectric ($29) and V-Synth Tweakbook ($19) are immediately available as downloads.

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