Erik Norlander’s Synth Is Bigger Than Yours, And He’s Playing Moogfest

Erik Norlander

Progressive keyboardist and Moogaholic Erik Norlander will be performing at Moogfest, the annual festival commemorating and celebrating the groundbreaking achievements of maverick inventor Robert Moog and his namesake synthesizer.

Norlander’s known for carrying the torch for progressive keyboard playing, with a style that recalls the prog gods Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson and Jon Lord. Erik’s newest releases is Hommage Symphonique, an album of classic progressive rock cover songs produced and arranged in Norlander’s signature style. Previous solo albums are Threshold (1997), an instrumental progressive effort and Into the Sunset (2000), a prog metal vocal album with a more traditional rock band sound. Erik’s third album is a 2 CD rock opera concept album, Music Machine, about the dramatic rise and fall of genetically engineered rock star.

That’s right – a 2 CD rock opera concept album! If that ain’t prog, I don’t know what is.

The fourth annual Moogfest, being held 7:30PM on Saturday, September 22nd, boasts some of the most renowned keyboardists in the world. Along with Norlander, other performers include Thomas Dolby, Jordan Rudess, Adam Holzman, Spiraling, Don Preston, Gershon Kingsley, Nail, and Herb Deutsch.

If there’s still any doubt in your mind that Norlander’s monster modular synth humbles those of mere mortals, check out this breakdown of his studio setup:

Monster modular synthesizer

You can find out more about Norlander, and find more size freak gear pr0n at his site.

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