IK Multimedia Releases SampleTank 2.5


IK Multimedia has announced that SampleTank 2.5, a major update for the sample workstation plug-in. It includes many new features, such as an enhanced built-in multi-effects system with send and master effects, the addition of a high-quality studio reverb, the ability to read all “Powered by SampleTank” instruments and more.

New effects section with SEND and MASTER effects.

IK Multimedia has added an expanded FX system that now includes 5 new Master insert effects and 5 Send pre/post effects, in addition to the previous 5 effects per part. All are selectable among the expanded list of high quality effects (including DSP taken from IK’s award-winning AmpliTube and T-RackS). This offers up to 15 effects per part (and up to 90 per instance).

Classik Studio Reverb

The addition of a high-quality reverb derived from our popular Classik Studio Reverb brings the overall list of available DSP effects in SampleTank 2.5 to a staggering number of 33 effects (more than any other sample-based instrument on the market). This astonishing reverb, which emulates the sound of high-end classic studio reverbs, will give your sound a spaciousness and character that simply cannot be achieved with other instruments.

Extended feature set

The addition of several convenient features like the new Global Volume/Pan, Master Loop sync or the new selectable Portamento curves, extend the feature set of what has become the industry standard in sample-based virtual instrument workstations.

More sounds

200 new Combi patches have been specially designed by our expert team of sound designers, based on the SampleTank 2 XL sound set, taking full advantage of the 16 multi-timbral parts of SampleTank 2.5. Additionally, the newly boxed version of SampleTank 2.5 XL will include a bonus sound disk for more sounds on your SampleTank setup.

Able to read any “Powered by SampleTank” instruments.

SampleTank 2.5 allows the immediate usage of sounds in Miroslav Philharmonik, Sonik Synth and the upcoming “Powered by SampleTank” Sonik Instruments: SampleMoog, SampleTron and StudioPhonik. This allows you to work from a single interface accessing thousands of sounds that can now be mixed, matched, combined and edited with the extended feature set of SampleTank 2.5 for a truly unlimited world of sounds.

Free software update for all SampleTank L and XL users.

SampleTank 2.5 is a free update for all SampleTank 2 L and XL users and is now available for download from their IK User Area.

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