Image-Line Intros DrumSynth Live VSTi

drumsynth live

Image-Line have released a VSTi version of DrumSynth Live.

DrumSynth Live is an updated version of the DrumSynth standalone created by Maxim Digital Audio. DrumSynth Live features simultaneous support for 24 programmable real-time drum patches, each assigned to a separate key (C4 to B5).Sound is created by two noise generators and filtered by bandpass filters with incredible range – you can set anything from a single frequency (sine wave) to full white noise. You can morph dynamically from one drum patch to another – just select the patch to morph to and tweak the morph amount wheel.


  • Create complete drumtracks in a single channel
  • Change properties according to the note velocity
  • ‘Sends’ for your own send tracks

FL Studio comes with the demo of DrumSynth Live pre-installed. The demo version has all the functionality of the ‘real’ generator, although all channels using it are deleted when saving.

Pricing and Availability:
$35 USD

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