Native Instruments Komplete Now More Kompleterer, More Cheaperer Too


Native Instruments has announced new Komplete bundles that combine its software instruments and effects into affordable collections. This includes the fifth revision of the Komplete package, which contains new product versions and is now even more affordable, as well as the new Komplete Synths and Komplete Classics bundles that combine synthesizers and vintage emulations from Native Instruments.

The new Komplete 5 bundle adds the MASSIVE synthesizer, as well as the latest versions of KONTAKT 3 and GUITAR RIG 3. Further products included in KOMPLETE 5 are ABSYNTH 4, AKOUSTIK PIANO, BATTERY 3, B4 II, ELEKTRIK PIANO, FM8, PRO-53 and REAKTOR 5. The new Komplete bundle is now priced at $1149 / EUR 999, with several update and upgrade offers being available.

Two new bundles extend the KOMPLETE range with thematically focused instruments collections that provide maximum sonic versatility in their respective field for a price of $449 / EUR 399 each, an effective discount of over 50% compared to the price of individual products. The new KOMPLETE CLASSICS package specializes on vintage emulations and contains AKOUSTIK PIANO, B4 II, ELEKTRIK PIANO and PRO-53, while the new KOMPLETE SYNTHS provides a comprehensive synthesizer arsenal by combining ABSYNTH 4, FM8, MASSIVE and PRO-53. Both bundles allow for a discounted upgrade to the KOMPLETE 5 package at any time.

The Komplete bundles will be available in October 2007.

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